With the help of MPC assistance, I managed to purchase necessary food stuff, paid rent, and treated my sick wife

Mr. Nooruddin son of Mr. Mohammad Rasool presently lives in Qarawol Tepa area of Kunduz center. He is originally from Gurziwan district of Faryab province. He is 58 years old, married, and is having eight children (4 boys and 4 girls) with total of 10 members in his family. Mr. Nooruddin is the only bread-winner of his family. He describes the following benefits of multipurpose cash assistance he received as an IDP in Kunduz.
He said, “life was going well in my village, we were farming in the past and had a joyful live, but unexpectedly the security situation has changed and it was very difficult for us to survive in Gurziwan district of Faryab province. There were serious fights between government and the opposition groups. They destroyed my house and I was obliged to leave my residence and displaced to Qarawol Tepa. We faced a lot of problems and lack of facilities when we came to Kunduz. I was one of those IDPs who left everything behind including belongings, livelihoods, and were able to secure our lives only. I rented a home in Kunduz where we lived with very poor economic conditions. I went to the provincial department of repatriation and refugees and I filed a petition, if I could receive any assistance”. I have been struggling to find any suitable job opportunity in bazaar everyday, but it is very difficult to find it regularly.
He added, “after sometimes, suddenly a group of officials came to Qarawol Tepa and asked about new IDPs. I met and told them about my poor economic status and being IDP from Faryab. One of them told me that we are here to survey the conflict affected people. The team (4 to 5 persons including a woman) has assessed us and noted our concerns. Soon after, I was contacted by ADA and told me that you are selected and requested me to come to ADA office for receiving  the cash assistance. After checking my ID the assigned committee granted me a sum of AFN 19,000 in Kunduz city. At the meantime, we were also told about how to keep hygiene and take care of GBV”.
He stated, “when I got the assistance, I was so blessed and thanked God for what I needed. With the help of MPC assistance, I managed to purchase necessary food stuff, paid rent, and other debts, and bought medicines and treated my sick wife. My children were happy and I must thank you all for the support you provided to the people in need in Kunduz”, said by Mr. Nooruddin.