The kind of welfare and lifesaving services such as, provision of clean water and hygiene awareness have changed the life of people

This success story is about a new well construction that is drilled/dug in Bahadur Khan village, which is located within two kilometers of the district bazaar in center of Khanabad. Mr. Nematullah, Head of WASH Committee and a beneficiary of water well describes the benefits of the drilled well. He said, “Bahadur Khan village has about 150 families and is one of the war-torn areas due to ongoing conflicts and insecurity; the villagers were deprived of potable drinking water beside other livelihood components. Water is considered a vital element for living a life. The water we had in the past had various diseases and was badly affected for which we referred to the provincial department of rural rehabilitation and development (PDoRRD) several times and we filed a petition for the provision and/or treatment of drinking water”.
Before the villagers became the owner of this well, we used surface and stream water, which resulted in various diseases such as, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, especially in children. Fortunately digging and construction of well has addressed many problems of the villagers in terms of potable water. The staff member of ADA also asked us about the maintenance and consumption of water, keeping environment clean, and taking care of family sanitation. It worked with WASH Committee to change the way they used in past and said, lack of hygiene cause dangerous diseases, and therefore, prevention is better than the treatment; said by Nematullah, Head of WASH Committee.
He added, “a few months back, a group of people along with our community elders came to our village and said, we heard that you people don’t have healthy water, in response we confirmed the problem and expressed, we have also contacted PDoRRD”. ADA staff briefed the process and said we got the request from there and that is why we are here to physically see the area and started establishment of Bahadur Khan Village WASH Committee. ADA in presence of WASH committee, Representatives of PDoRRD and PDoRR selected this village for the construction of a new well. A construction company came, drilled/dug the well, and completed the work. Tested the water, chlorinated, and now “we have healthy water in our village. It is a life-saving effort, which supported the poor people of Bahadur Khan”. At the end, Mr. Nematullah said, “the kind of welfare and lifesaving services such as, provision of clean water and hygiene awareness have changed the life of people