The assistance I received has changed my life again and made me a shareholder (50%) of a shop, so I must say I am a fortunate person indeed

Mr. Anwar Khan son of Mr. Imam Gul currently lives in Sar-e-Dawra area of Kunduz city. He is originally from Jangal Bashi village of Khanabad district. He is 45 years old, married, and is having seven children (3 boys and 4 girls) with total of 9 members in his family. Mr. Anwar is the only bread-winner of his family. He describes the following benefits of multipurpose cash assistance he received as an IDP.
Mr. Anwar said, “life was going well in Jangal Bashi village, we were farming as well as I was working at a marble company in Kabul. We were a happy family, but suddenly the security situation has changed and it was very difficult for me to commute to my residence in Kunduz. There was a serious fight between government and the opposition groups. They destroyed my house and I was compelled to leave Jangal Bashi village and displaced to Sar-e-Dawra. We faced a lot of problems and lack of facilities when we came to Kunduz city. I was one of those IDPs who left everything behind including belongings, livelihoods, and were able to save our lives only.  I rented a home in Kunduz city where we lived with very poor economic conditions. I wanted to work, but I couldn’t find it, I even went to Imam Saib district to work, but couldn’t find any job opportunity there as well and I remained hopeless”.
He added, “after sometimes, suddenly a group of officials have come to Sar-e-Dawra and started asking questions about new IDPs. I met them and told them about my poor economic status. They came to me and said, we are here to survey you people (the conflict affected ones). The team (5 to 6 persons including women) has surveyed us and noted our concerns. Within a week, I was contacted by ADA and told me that you are selected and asked me to come to ADA office for receiving the in-cash assistance. After checking my ID, the assigned committee took my finger print, and granted me a sum of AFN 28,000”.He stated, “when I got the assistance, I was so happy and thanked God and then ADA team for what I wanted they gave me. I went to the market, bought some necessary items I needed the most, and went back home. My children were happy and prayed very much. The rest of money I had, I shared it with a close friend of mine for running a small shop together. Now I run a business and move forward. I can find AFN 100 to 150 a day. The assistance I received has changed my life again, made me a shareholder (50%) of a shop, so I must say I am a fortunate person indeed”.