Ali Ahmad finds way back to higher education through vocational skill business

Daikundi is distance, mountainous province which is deprived of job opportunities, quality education and essential life facilities. Because of the afore-mentioned problems the economic status of the residents is low and most of the youths chose the ways full of risk to travel outside the country for finding job opportunities or wage employment to earn money for fulfilling the needs of life. Furthermore, most of youths in the province due to low economic status are deprived from proceeding higher education as most of them are breadwinners. Mr. Ali Ahmad is one of the youths who successfully attempted Kankor exam and was selected for Agriculture faculty of Bamyan University, but unfortunately he had huge responsibility of family as his father was aged and not able to work and generate income to provide essential facilities for family members and his son Ali Ahmad to proceed his higher education. Thus, the bad economic conditions forced Ali Ahmad to say good bye to higher education and instead work to earn money and take care of his poor family and ill father. Despite of his many efforts he was jobless for one year as he was unskilled, however he had some innovative skill of making different type of electronic tools and equipment. He needed financial support to show his capacity to others as well as he was in search for receiving a standard course of vocational skill to get skilled. Fortunately, ADA with the financial support of NCA started the vocational skill intervention in three districts of Daikundi province which were Ashterlay, Kitti and Kijran.  Ali Ahmad is resident of Ashterlay and was selected for the TV repairing vocational skill. The trainee expressed his story of success as follow;

Thanks to ADA and NCA for their essential and very much required intervention of vocational skill in Daikundi. I was really in need for a standard vocational skill training to get skill and start my own business and provide the required facilities of life to my family. Luckily, during 2018 I was selected through ADA’ selection process of eligible youths for their program and received 5 months vocational skill training on TV repairing. During the course we were trained theoretically and practically according to the curriculum in place and plan developed by the trainer. After completing the course we were provided with required toolkits and introduced to vocational skill enterprises for practical work in field (market) and gain experience. I had some innovative skills of making some electronic tools and equipment from local available items. I build up on my knowledge through the vocational skill course I received from ADA in 2018.  I got skilled but still was facing problems to start my own business due to my bad economic condition. Fortunately, ADA and NCA during their monitoring visits noted my innovative skill in 2018 and luckily they provided me support in terms of providing more toolkits and rent of workshop in 2019. It helped me a lot and now I am able to generate 5,000 AFN per month and provide all required life facilities to my family even make savings for my higher education and achieving my dreams. Furthermore, through the support of ADA and NCA I presented my skills in different exhibitions and received promises from government and traders for further support in future. It is also valued mentioning that the support provided motivated me making more innovations and recently I am working on robot which will be presented in near future.